what is salary of pilot,how become

The pilot job is best

What is the qualification to become a pilot and how much does it get, salary, know if friends talk about government jobs today or talk to a semi-government job, everyone wants to get a good job. The pilot is the best job and best salary in this work. The pilot is significant are a memorable story and this job are nice.

The pilot job is how salary

The pilot salary is around $900 in Emirates pilot salary. Many people in India are some engineers some doctors and some people also wish to become a pilot. Today we are telling you, what are the qualifications to become a pilot and how to make it and what is the salary.

To become a pilot, it is necessary for anyone to have at least 12th pass. He has to have one of the Physics Chemistry and Maths Subject also.

At the same time, there should be at least 50% marks in the future and it is also important to be a citizen of India. The length of the candidate should be at least 5 feet and for that, the eyesight should also be perfect.

Along with this, it is necessary to have a good command of the English language too.

 After passing the 12th, the candidate has to apply for the Student Pilot License. For this, any student will have to take admission in the colleges under DGCA ie Director General of Civil Aviation and it is necessary to pass the entrance exam for this too. After this, there is a medical test and then training is given.

 Apply for a Private Pilot License

After clearing the SPL, the candidate has to apply for a private pilot license. After this training is done.

After completing the training of friends and friends of APL and BPL, apply Candidates to become a commercial pilot too. There are some exams on this. They have to pass. After that, all these procedures are called as a commercial pilot. Qualified training institute

Pilot Academy in India

Asiatic International Aviation Academy Indore Blue Diamond Education Pune Acumen School of Pilot Training Delhi International School of Aviation New Delhi Indian Aviation Academy Mumbai

To become a pilot, there is a cost of about 25 to 30 lakh rupees for testing and to become a pilot in the entire process.

If we talk about the salary of a pilot, then the commercial pilot gets a salary of around Rs 1.5 lakh. Recently, Air India has taken vacancies. In which the salary of the pilot was estimated to be about 2.1 lakh rupees a month.

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