DM qualification for becoming

You must be qualified for this or not, in the beginning, it is only necessary that you have to be up to the degree level.DM is a candidate are mostly all pass for DM qualify. DM becoming all exam and interviews are pass in the section.

As if at least graduation should be done.

General Category 32 years

OBC 32 years and 3 years of exemption, ie 35 years.

HDFC 32 years and 5 years’ discount ie 37 years.

Apart from this, disabled Kashmiri and retired soldiers also get the exemption of UPSC.

DM Preliminary examination

You can also prepare this exam with graduate studies. By selecting the subject according to your preference and in any language you can do well. Do that. In this you have to give 2 papers.

General Studies and Aptitude

Mains exam

After successful completion of the initial examination, you can take the main exam. It is a bit difficult. Paper A language paper in it while Paper also comes in English. These two papers only have to be passed. Apart from this, you have to give 7 more papers in it.

Best of all, you see the notifications issued by the UPSC because most of the changes are seen in it.DM is most UPSC level exam pass in this post and DM is the best post of in India. DM is a full form of DIStrict manager .


After passing both examinations, its next stage is interview and it is the most difficult, because most people pass both exams and fail in it. This is the choice between you and your post.

It is not easy to get close to the civil service paper. There is hard work to be firmly resolved and sacrificed. We have to dedicate ourselves completely.

DM is the IAS level officer. Whose salary starts from 70000 and is given up to 1.5 lakhs and its decision is done by looking at his tenure.

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