What happens to being a detective is the ability,

Detective carrier is best in RAW

If you love romance and have a passion for serving the country, then you can make your own future by the Indian security agency RAW, though this name is not a name for the young people who want water, because these Detectiv people are required here. The detective is most of the country used in cyber attack .

That is, who work by hiding their identity. Also, when you are in this job, you have to hide your work-related information. It’s a way to detect spies. Raw is the full form research analysis wing.

There is no direct recruitment examination to be included in the Indian Detective Department.

 In the post of RAW India Agent and Intelligence Officer, those high-ranking officers are selected as agents in a very secret way to work in foreign countries,

who can serve the nation at the national level in national level service. And mainly during defense and security and most of the IPS and IPS officers, Central Intelligence Officer CID officials are the leaders of Hindustan terrorists EMA IN is served as Afa.


1.Age – Must be between 19 and 25 years.

2.Educational Qualification

3.Applicants should have a degree from the recognized university.

Marital status – marriage should not be.

Nationality- Should be a citizen of India
 Selection Process

Written, interview, medical

Physical endurance and medical human tests

Basic Criteria- Remember, there are many other roles besides Intelligence Officers of Intelligence Agencies. Working translator analyst and IT are less glamorous but it is imperative.

Basic need to become a raw agent

There should be no criminal record of any kind.

Most intelligence agency organizations, including RADW, get good education.

Most agents may have to travel overseas. Without a trip, it can be a role too, but only in the Limited and the rest of your family members should explain it and be a citizen of the country.
 How much is pay

Most of the agents working in this work get salary ranging from about 80000 to 1.5 lakh rupees and their job is not permanent, and in this process the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are decided and you can also go after the Civil Services. Are.

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