Absence of memory / lack of memory


Absence of memory

At the point when the memory is powerless, the individual feels as though his brain is vacant. She regularly gets bleary-eyed. Fixation is devastated. This illness is a greater amount of those individuals who devour nutritious substances in little measures of milk, curd, ghee, spread, grew grains and organic products.


Because of inordinate mental work, stomach related tract, physical shortcoming, mental ailment, mind shortcoming during childbirth, unreasonable sex, delayed sickness, and bloodlessness, memory control diminishes.


In this ailment, I can not recollect that anything thought and read. In the wake of reasoning for quite a while, I miss a few things. The individual who considers and does not trust that I am doing fine or off-base.


A spoonful of gooseberry juice should lick with nectar each morning.

Amla, Gilroy, and Jatamasi – Make powder by taking equivalent amounts of all. At that point take 2 grams of powder in the first part of the day with new water.

Toward the beginning of the day, two teaspoons of nectar ought to be blended with tepid water.

Mental vitality increments by eating sesame and sugar candles every day.

Eat two-two teaspoons of fennel and gram flour in the first part of the day and night.

Sear on the browning of melon seeds on the ground and bite and bite the memory.

The powder of 5-6 claims ought to be taken from nectar or sugar each day.

Pumpkin Kheer expands the intensity of the cerebrum.

Take two almonds and one teaspoon of salty milk in it.

Take 5 grams of the bark of the Peepal tree and blend it with equivalent sugar or mash. Drink milk from above.

Biting lactation of wheat recoups memory. Drink seven-eight lankas (grass) squeeze consistently.

Take the measure of spoon of litchi juice every day.

Pound fennel and crush it to a spoon of 2 teaspoons

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