reason of piles and type of piles

 How many types of piles

There are many types of meshes and they are found in many places, most are on the anus and it is the most difficult sometimes, sometimes because of piles, it also takes blood

These days are 90 percentage person of piles. are many people hard work and yoga but piles not ready, many reasons for piles potato eating and garam masala, bread and some product of eating, and many personal problems are toilets


Because of this, situations like an intra-venom inside or outside of the anus are formed, which are always inside and sometimes even come out. Nearly 70 percent of the people have had problems in their life at some point in time. As aging progresses, the problem of Piles can increase. If someone in the family has this problem, then the fear of it increases. There is a genetic problem.


The main reason for having hemorrhoids is to stay strict constipation for a long time.

If the absence of defecation in the morning or after defecation is not properly clear the stomach


Sitting in the restroom for a long time


Diarrhea problem

Due to the lack of nutritious substances in the food.

Eating more fried or spicy food

Excessive medicines

Due to overweight, especially on the stomach and pelvic weight, the pressure increases on the pelvic nerves.

The risk of piles during childbirth increases as there is excessive pressure on the anus region.

Due to cardiovascular and liver-related diseases, there may be a risk of piles for more days.


Generally, piles are not very serious, and they cure themselves in three to four days. Many times people do not even know that they have piles. By the way, Piles can have these symptoms: –

Can feel like a hard knee around the annulus. There can be blood in it, due to which it hurts a lot.

Even after the toilet, it is felt that the stomach has not been cleaned.

Red luminous blood during defecation

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