importance of school uniform

School and college are must be important of school uniform for all university, The most of important of uniform are college and university code of conduct and most important of school uniform are this student is this university is most uses.

These days are most of college and university are streaky use uniform all students, and all university specifies are not uniform in coming in college are streaky.

University make high streak for uniform and other rulesĀ  follow, but two ya three percent students are not ruled follow and not streak for colleges

Japanese schoolgirls’ uniforms have skirts, besides, socks and shoe are also mandatory till a knee length.

1.Great Britain

the Dress code is very strict for school students in England. Long ago this uniform was blue. This color was believed to teach children how to be systematic and calm.


Since Australia had borrowed a lot of things from Britain, so their school dresses look similar to British uniforms of school uniforms.

In Indonesia, dress codes are different for the school level. While the top is always white, the color below can be gray, blue or red.


They have some dress codes, for holidays and normal days and for winter and summer. Everyday uniforms for girls and boys are almost identical and they look like sports.


Bhutan is another country where the school uniform is a traditional national dress.

5.North Korea

School uniforms in North Korea are mandatory. However, a red scarf is essential, which is a symbol of support for the North Korean political party.

6.South Korea

In South Korea, school hours are from morning to evening. Dress code is required and schools are regulated by themselves and uniforms are styled so well that they are also very popular outside the schools.



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