Easy remedies to get rid of savagery

how to face remove savagery

Nowadays, girls have a lot of sensation and they are feeling shy because of socialism. The easy way to get relief from the problem is that they apply the milk cream to your face in the morning and in the evening, then the checker comes on edge.

To get rid of savagery, Multani has used rubbish and milk cream from the sweet people of Gulab.and remedies to get rid of savagery are a lot of try and surgery of the face. Easy remedies to get rid of savagery type of many ideas for face treatment and surgery.

Easy remedies to get rid of savagery are very simple tricks for besan wheat and milk malai use of face. And Easy remedies to get rid of savagery are the best tricks for Multani Soil use of face and them very cheaply and easily in the market. Someone girls are the best way Easy remedies to get rid of the savagery of talcum powder use of face.

The easiest way to get rid of the savviness – everyone dreams to be fair. Whether it is a boy or a girl, we do not do anything to be fair but cannot be white again if a person is blonde. So easily it attracts the attention of anyone easily and easily. While no one is taken care of by anyone at the same place. Because of this, his morale starts falling. The easy way to get rid of the solution is very easy.

And he feels very bad compared to others. We feel fairness for some time from our beauty product. But he does not know how long he can stay. And then one day, our skin begins to look dusky. Put Aloe Vera gel on a daily face for half an hour, its debate will wash the face with water. This will keep your skin dry and the color will also clear. Mix some bunted lime in the honey and put it on the face. It will clear the color of your face.

The granularity of the face increases with the use of gram flour. And if you apply gram flour on your face then your face will become dull day. First, take a little gram flour in a bowl and mix it with mustard oil and raw milk, and paste it in the skin, and When it comes to pleasure, gradually rubbing it and extracting it. Doing this will make the color of the skin clean and the face will also shine.

Before sleeping at night, soak about 10 to 12 cashews in the milk, and in the morning, after mixing this spinach in 2 teaspoons Multani soil, mix them and prepare their paste. Now put this paste on the face and wash the face with water after half an hour. Use it twice or thrice a week

Friends, nowadays, every girl always wants to look beautiful and juvenile, so today we will tell these tips especially girls in this post so that they will always be refreshed and beautiful. And even if there is always a freshness from being happy, all our work goes on growing smoothly and every difficulty of life also seems easy, so try to keep yourself as close as possible.

The first beauty secret is that you always use mascara, whether you are a young age of 18 or 20 years old, or if you are a housewife, Kajal will make a difference in your eyes and it keeps the eye charm different. If you use lipstick on your lips then you should also wear lip liner together because the lip liner is durable for a long time and it does not spread at all. If you prefer favorite lipstick, then also use Lip Liner together.

Insert sunscreen for skin protection

Some people who wear sunscreen, sunscreen, think that if the sunscreen does not make a difference in beauty then here I would like to tell you that sunscreen does not increase the beauty, but it protects your skin internally and with strong sunlight or ultraviolet The rays provide you inner protection and if you walk in the sun, then every 4 or 5 hours you get sunscreen If you do not use it, then your face will be a full-blown mirror of the poster face and the partner can also have sports and

The coldest effect on the skin falls on the skin. That’s why he needs more care. In such a situation, you are aware of certain things that keep your skin lively. Here we are telling you some formulas that you can easily get your skin glow.

On Sunburn – If your work is mostly to roam in the sun, you can be sunken from the cold sunny day. Ultraviolet rays in the sunburn the upper layer of your skin.

If the sunburn is too high or the red spots on the skin or its color is black, then apply the rose water on the face to remove it. It provides a lot of cooling effect on the skin. Put the rose water in a spraying bottle or patch it with the help of tissue paper.

After adding the cucumber, potato and lemon juice, add a little bit of clay paste and make a thin paste and apply it on the affected area. Massage after 5-20 minutes after wetting, then wash with cold water. From this, Sunburn’s marks will be gradually wiped out.

Super Freshness- These days, you start to drool with the stereotype of the skin. In such a case, for freshening, it is necessary to use such a product, which will make you feel fresh with freshness.

You take such a prison, which has a scent of preparation. Whenever you use this prison, you will feel super-freshened. Use Lufa to remove Skin’s Dead Cells.

Stains of the face – stains on face, then take a little orange juice to remove them and then dip the cloth into it, then

After the mouth and cheeks are white, the lips have to be cured.

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